Fife Fantasi Nails create luxury, high quality,  reusable press on nails.
My name is Edyta and as the founder of this small but very beautiful nail business, I am obsessed with creating unique nailart and transforming my true passion into every design that I make. I design and create every set with so much love and care 🙂

I began making press on nails in 2016 in Liverpool and I haven’t stopped making them since.
Initially starting as a small hobby out of work hours, Fife Fantasi Nails has now grown beyond my expectations and it has now become my full-time commitment. We are selling all over the world and our customers love our gel press on nails so much!
Our press on nails are very high quality and are a fantastic alternative for acrylic/ gel nails.

You can follow me on my social media accounts to see things that inspire me, as well as new desisgns and customer photos.

Thank you for stopping by & supporting a small business!
Stay beautiful,


Fife Fantasi Nails

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