Fantasy – imagining impossible or improbable things.
I started with a vision. I want you to imagine the nails you really want, then challenge me to make them. I want you to imagine the impossible, then let me make your dreams come true.
I have been a professional nail tech for 5 years and I’ve been on a constant journey to challenge myself to new heights, and now I want you to benefit. Browse through my shop and if you see something you like, great! Buy it. But also use my shop for inspiration. If there’s a set of nails you’re thinking about but can’t see them there is only one reason: you haven’t asked me to make them yet. So get in touch, e-mail me at fifefantasinails@gmail.com and tell me your nail fantasies.
Why fifefantasi?
When I started I lived in Fife, Scotland. I didn’t think I’d ever leave but you have to roll with what life throws at you right? And fantasi because, like I said, I had a vision. I used the Danish spelling because……. well I can’t tell you everything!