Queen Charms

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The picture shows long stiletto size M but all shapes and sizes are available. Please see attached the photo for sizing

Beautiful glam set of nails with sparkly crystals and shattered glass effect. WOW effect guaranteed.

Each set contains 10 false nails

Sizes: My nails come in sizes from 0 – 9. For those who are unfamiliar with these sizing and unsure which you need, use a soft measuring tape to measure the width of your nail at the widest part. When you order please put your sizes in the notes section for each nail: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinkie. You will only need to do this once, if you order again I will have your sizes on file so no hassle.
If you are unsure go up rather than down a size as you can file them slightly. You can also order the ‘sample sizing’ packs, listed in my store. My sample packs have one of each size nail (0-9) so you can find your perfect fit before ordering:

Sample Sizing Pack


Application: You must have a clean nail plate so use a little nail polish remover to clean the surface. Then put a little nail glue on the false nail and press to your own for about 10 seconds. Nail glue is not included with your purchase but you can find this quite easily in several high street shops.
These nails are reuseable: treat them nicely and be careful with removal (warm water, gentle prying) and they will be there for you another day.
Some small imperfections may occur due to nails being painted by hand.
Please contact me if you want to discuss a custom design.

Additional information


XS, S, M, L, set of 20


short oval, short square, regular stiletto, regular almond, regular coffin, regular square, regular oval, long stiletto, long coffin, long almond, long ballerina, extra long stiletto, extra long almond, extra long coffin


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